Steven Westhydeman

Senior Financial Associate

Dave CareyAs part of The Carey Group at Oppenheimer in San Francisco, Steven’s goal is to help the team operate as a cohesive unit by delivering performance analytics, portfolio generation, trade order entry and keeping historical data organized and current. Leveraging his unique perspective and adaptability, Steven takes pride in working with complex data and presenting it concisely and clearly regardless of the client’s profession and investment experience.

Steven started his career in the financial services industry at Capital Group in 2003, where he was responsible for servicing mutual fund accounts within the American Funds division on behalf of financial advisers and shareholders, and ultimately becoming a Corporate Trainer for the firm. Since then, he has developed a broad knowledge-base and wealth of experience responding to the needs of clients and advisors alike while also building their trust and respect.

Steven grew up in a military family, migrating between San Diego, San Francisco, New Orleans, and Dallas/Fort Worth. After 30 years, he returned to San Francisco, as the song says, “Where he left his heart.” When not at the office, Steven enjoys exploring the city’s remarkably unique architecture and history and volunteering with GLIDE Church, a radically inclusive organization dedicated to alleviating suffering, loving unconditionally and breaking down cycles of poverty and marginalization. 

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